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Should I Focus on more Captain Unity art in various forms, or should continue to show my other OC's for now? 

8 deviants said Go Captain Unity!
7 deviants said Show me mooooooooooaaarrrr of dem OC's



Michael Barr is a mutant with extraordinary strength and endurance, although not on the scale of the more powerful heroes / villains in the world he still packs a whallop! having been struggling with his gift in his early years due to being used for his strength by others he grew more and more cold as he finally realised all he was living for was to fulfill others hopes and dreams through his abilities, however enough was enough and due to this it warped his kind heart and replaced it with one of selfishness and own personal agenda. Michael took on the roll of muscle for hire for various organisations and clubs as he was extremely efficient and was feared by many in the underworld, it wasn't until he was hired to carry out a task that required he take on a new mantle and suddenly he believed he had finally found what he was destined to be! not some super glam hero who everyone admired but the one everyone feared! Michael was then to be known as MAN-POWER!

having tackled with numerous heroes and even villains in his career he never quite made it to the big leagues but he is still a useful lug to have around, he's quite intelligent but his own self indulgence leads him to overlook alot of things in scuffles and is his own worst enemy! 

Man-Power belongs to myself, Andrew A. Hutchison

great artwork by Andrew W. Rowland
Empyrean command, Captain Unity!
Here is Captain Unity on the Empyrean Command Lineup!

Having paired up with other great Heroes and become one of the main members of the Empyrean Command, Captain Unity will boast new adventures! keep tuned and watch out for the rest of the teams going on's !
next on the lineup! South Star!… creation!

Will edit link when South Star post is created.

Empyrean command
-Steel Wolf  created and owned by
-Valiant  created and owned by
-Thunder Woman  created and owned by
-Midnight owl  created and owned by
-Captain Unity  created and owned by me Andrew A. Hutchison
-South Star  created and owned by…

Artwork by

Background and logo by
Obsidus of the cosmic vanguard!
Last member here is Obsidus! he is of a race created solely to carry out tasks for the gods of Sancta prime, having been created they serve only their will. However Centron has manipulated Obsidus into serving only him and him alone as he is the last survivor. The rest of his history is shrouded..

His abilities so far as we know are superstrength, invulnerability, flight, energy blasts as his base talents
He sometimes carries a power mace that makes his attacks even more devastating.

he harbours other unknown ones but all records of his race has been destroyed and no information longer exists except in the hands of Centron himself.

Obsidus created by me, Andrew A. Hutchison
Artowork by
Aezal of the cosmic Vanguard!
Aezal is of a race that lived/prospered many millennia ago, an ancient civilisation that unlike their bat /devil like features were in fact a good natured, peaceful race who's natural affinity with the cosmos lead to them becoming very knowledgable of the universe and its secrets. At the same time there were another race who's feathers were instead bird /angelic like but remained spiritualistic rather than furthering their magical knowledge they instead furthered themselves as beings, being polar opposites they remained out each other's way until a large war broke out between the two civilisations. Such was the battle of these ancient foes that it drew Gildan the galactic himself to put and end to it, having destroyed both races for their disgraced behaviour and threat to the cosmos. Few whispers and tales arise now and then of sightings of these races that still remain, but these are stories of good and evil taken form and are just exactly that, stories....or are they!

Aezal's past is a mystery but he serves under Centron as one of his vanguard, his abilities are unknown but anyone who has met him in battle, no longer exist

Character created and owned by Andrew A Hutchison

Artwork by Gilbert Monsanto
After some time out of mainstream OC art I have finally decided after getting some monies behind me to get some concept commissions in, so watch out for my OC's and ofcourse feedback is always welcome!!


Captain-Unity's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hi there, just a person who enjoys his idea's come to life through commissions and work by you fine artists!

Watch this space for OC's !


Should I Focus on more Captain Unity art in various forms, or should continue to show my other OC's for now? 

8 deviants said Go Captain Unity!
7 deviants said Show me mooooooooooaaarrrr of dem OC's



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